Fearful to stand in front of people? Hypnotherapy can help!!

Undersense Hypnotherapy

What is stage fright?

Do you feel like this?

stage fright  performance anxiety  hypnotherapy

You’ve got an important presentation coming up, that could lead to a big order from your VIP customer. You spent hours creating the presentation slides, editing your script, and rehearsing over and over again.

On the day of the presentation, standing in front of your customer, your hands feeling clammy and your heart beating fast, you are feeling the (self-imposed) pressure of having to do well…

Then it gets worse…

Now you can’t think straight! As if your brain went blank, all the crucial points you wanted to cover and convincing lines you thought of disappeared into thin air.

And over time with repeated heart-pounding situations, you feel the anxiety just by the thought of being in front of people.

Sounds familiar? Been there? Desperately looking for a solution?

perform with confidence and clear mind with hypnotherapy

If you are, you’ve come to the right place! Because I have a solution for you. Yes, you’ll be able to perform in front of people at ease, captivating your audience. You’ll be able to exert 100% of what you’ve prepared. Imagine what that would feel like… excitement, joy, exhilaration, and a sense of accomplishment…

Solution that works = HYPNOTHERAPY!

What hypnosis is

hypnotherapy session

“So what is hypnosis exactly?” you ask…

Hypnosis is a natural state that everyone experiences several times every single day. Really, seriously. At least twice a day.

“Okay. so what?” you ask?

It’s possible to directly approach your subconscious in the hypnotic state! Really!

How hypnotherapy works

conscious and subconscious
Which is bigger? Who wins?

You know there are two parts to our “consciousness.” Conscious and subconscious; the part we are aware of and the other we are NOT. The conscious part, including willpower, is about 12%, and the rest is the subconscious.

So, if your subconscious refuses to cooperate with your conscious part, who is going to win? That’s right. Your subconscious.

Going into a hypnotic state is like getting a free pass into your subconscious. Once we gain access to your subconscious, we can “install” new positive ideas, images, and states you desire!

But wait! This is not like a hypnotherapist waving a magic wand, and your subconscious renews itself overnight to bring about a miraculous transformation!

Planting a seed/seedling

collaborative work in hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative work. Now, take a moment and imagine a big forest that stands for fear and anxiety from your past experiences.

Through hypnosis, we plant a new seed/seedling of positive ideas, images, and states you desire in your subconscious. That’s right. A new seed/seedling right in the middle of the forest of fear and anxiety.

What would happen to the seed/seedling if left unattended among the tall trees and bushes? What is the chance of the seed/seedling surviving and growing to bear beautiful flowers and fruit of your desire and success?

Taking care of the seed/seedling

Planting a seedling of new positive ideas

What if you take care of it by giving water and nourishment? Then, what would be the chance of the seed/seedling surviving and flowers blooming?

This is the collaborative aspect of hypnotherapy. The therapist is in charge of planting seed/seedling of new positive ideas and images you desire, and YOU have the joy of nurturing, growing, and reinforcing them.

Comparison with other modalities

One major benefit of hypnotherapy is that you tend to see/feel the benefit quickly. Below is a comparative research done on three different therapy modalities. Hypnotherapy has the highest success rate with the least number of sessions!

The success rate of 600 psychoanalysis sessions: 38%

success rate of psychoanalysis sessions

The success rate of 22 behavioral therapy: 72%

success rate of behavioral therapy sessions

The success rate of 6 hypnotherapy sessions: 93%

success rate of hypnotherapy sessions

(Study by Alfred A. Barrios, PhD, “Toward Understanding the Effectiveness of Hypnotherapy: A Combined Clinical, Theoretical, and Experimental Approach”, UCLA)

What to do from here…

You have a few options.

  • Continue to work on the conscious level, trying to will your way through. This could take a long, long time. And, you could potentially increase the fear you have.
  • Approach your subconscious on your own. If you are familiar with tools including visualization training, this would be an alternative. You can expect quicker results than working on the conscious level only.
  • Use hypnotherapy to directly approach your subconscious. This is the fastest of the three to get the results you want. Hypnotherapy can help release the fear so you can stand in front of your audience with confidence.

A Little Secret…

I was a music major in college. As a piano student, I’ve experienced the stage fright. My fingers got clammy and slippery on the keyboard, my feet on the pedals shaking, and my heart pounding. The pages after pages I memorized disappeared from my head as if I never learned them.

I so wish I had known about hypnotherapy back then. It would have made all the difference, but I didn’t know.

But, you now DO! You know about hypnotherapy. This is your chance to overcome the fear and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy at Undersense

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